Vehicle Rebates & Incentives

Capitalize on the appeal of a deal! You can increase your leads using automated rebates and incentives structured right into your dealership website's inventory and specials pages.

Automated Integration

Auto Dealership SEO™ is very aware of how much time it takes for dealers to maintain their websites. OEM incentives are continually changing, therefore we provide real-time rebates and incentives updates on your car dealership website, keeping you current and saving you time. We deliver to your dealer website, comprehensive and detailed rebate and incentive information on new vehicles. Our Regional Rebate Data product has been developed for the retail automotive dealership.

Provided through web service technology for real-time, automatic data updates, our system has been formulated for a smooth applicable incorporation right into the inventory of dealership websites.

Completely optimized to the VIN, the AOM rebate products allows for precise data at the model and zip code level. You can now turn your creative thought into a beneficial reality, having everything you need to invent powerful and irresistible online vehicle presentations, resulting in more leads and sales. One of the most sought after pieces of information consumers seek out online while in the researching desired vehicles process, are incentives and special offers.

Auto Dealership SEO™ inventory plugin tool supplies specific rebates and incentives at the model and zip code level. This program consists of two parts and is the only formula that exists on the market that permits the combination of new vehicle incentive data on a specific model for a specific zip code, even sub-regional programs emerge when applicable.


Detailed Data Includes :

  • Consumer Cash rebates
  • Supported APRs
  • Alternative APRs
  • Bonus Cash
  • Dealer Cash
  • Lease Rates, Supported Residual Values
  • National Lease Offers
  • Special Programs
  • Real-time Updates
  • Built in Lead Gen Tools
  • Do I Qualify?
  • Digital Rebate Alerts

Data is VIN Specific and Zip Code Oriented Sub Regional Offers Detailed Overview of Special Offers at Manufacture Level Automatically Display of Top Line Offers at VIN/Zip Code Level Display "Internet price" with Rebates Automatically Calculated

Dealer Currency Program provides a summarized view of incentives, rebates, and special offers for a specific manufacturer and the Dealer Currency Product is customizable while at the same time developed to be posted to dealer websites for complete consumer-facing information.

Dealer Currency is kept current and updated consistently, includes consumer incentives, and provides zip code level detail.


Auto Dealership SEO™ provides consumers with rich, robust web content they are looking for. Generate leads from your Auto Dealership SEO™ Website, generate leads from your Digital Rebate Alert feature, receive manufacture programs in real time, retrieve zipcode-level data for the most current and precise information, save time with seamless website integration of all incentive and rebate data, avoid outdated information with automatic data updates via Web Services technology, and - most importantly - get correct and exact information with impressive correlation at the VIN level.

Auto Dealership SEO for your dealership!

Auto Dealership SEO

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