Virtual Inventory

When a consumer comprehends the fact that what they are looking for is available immediately, it motivates them to act fast. When a consumer finds what they desire and then realizes they do not have to wait to get it, they will do all that they can to get it before somebody else beats them to it. Increase your conversion potential with Auto Dealership SEO™ Virtual Inventory and highlight all vehicles that are instantly available.

Expand Your Inventory Possibilities

Incorporating virtual inventory onto your websites will strengthen your inventory conversion potential. Your inventory is no longer limited to only the physical new car inventory on your dealership lot.

If you don't have what a potential customer wants on hand, you can always find it for them - and our Virtual Inventory system can help you deliver it to them.

Your Auto Dealership SEO™ Virtual Inventory system highlights all possible models, trims, and colors available to a potential customer on your dealer website.

Visitors have the ability to go back and forth between what is in stock and what is available. Giving them the choice to wait for what they want or buy now.

All vehicles will have detailed trim information and color matching photos, along with the ability for consumers to build their car with our vehicle assembler formula!

Our client dealers that use our Auto Dealership SEOd™ Virtual Inventory have seen a significant rise in lead conversions, on an approximate average of a 25% higher conversion rate increase. We also increase your visibility with our advanced URL structuring within every Auto Dealership SEO™ website. All of your vehicles have a customized individual page. Every vehicle description page is search engine optimized with original titles, page names, headings, meta and keyword descriptions and page content.

Your dealership website and inventory will be an active customers magnet. You will be seen and attract more lead conversions from search engines when we strategically place you at the top of page one on relevant search pages.

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